"Imagination Station"

We think of young children as inquisitive and naturally curious about their world. Children's questions provide a foundation for learning and are the basis of our Learning Journey. Our Pre-K Curriculum, we believe in providing children with the concrete experiences through field studies, which prompt the to ask thoughtful questions and lead to real investigations. This cycle of inquiry taps into children's intellect and promotes engaged learning. 

Our parents can be assured that their child will graduate ready for Kindergarten and beyond. Our teachers understand that a child's readiness is more than simple shapes, numbers, colors, and letters. We educate the "whole child" and focus on emotional and cognitive development. We believe that children's ability to negotiate, express themselves, wait their turn, and get along with friends are essential components to their success. Our children become thinkers, authors, decision makers and future leaders. 

Our Staff

Miss. Stephanie (Lead Teacher)

My journey in the childcare field started back in June of 2001. I began as an Assistant Teacher at Christus Victor Learning Center. I am currently a full time assistant teacher in the preschool room at It Takes A Village Academy. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking and hanging out with my friends. I look forward to working with your children daily and I love watching them grow! 

Miss Cecelia (Assistant Teacher)

I am a student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I'm currently studying Psychology and am on the path of becoming a Child Psychologist. I was valedictorian of my class and graduated from Clarenceville High School in 2018. I love working with your children and I have a passion for helping them to learn and grow! I'm a safe person for children to express their feelings to and I love to help them deal with and/or overcome challenges. I'm the oldest of 6 grandchildren, so I have had plenty of experience with babysitting and teaching children. When I'm notworking, I love to spend time with my family, friends, and pets. I'm a huge animal lover and have rescued 4 cats and a dog! With the stress of being a full time college student, coming to It Takes A Village Academy and working with children make my days so much more enjoyable! The children never fail to put a smile on my face!

Miss. Sydney (Assistant Teacher)

I really enjoy working with kids! When I'm not working, I'm usually at home reading or painting. I really love my houseplants and my black cat Boo. I also have the best nephew, Griffin. I love helping people and giving to others. "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light" -Albus Dumbledore. 

Mrs. Sarah (Assistant Teacher)

I have my CNA degree and certification in Medical Assisting. I worked for over 5  years in the medical field and realized it did not make me truly happy. I decided my happiness is working with children. I started babysitting at my home for a few friends and it made me feel complete. I applied here at ITAVA and I have been the happiest in a very long time. I have a wife and 2 children and I also love animals. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I am happy to be a part of ITAVA and help teach your children new things and watch them grow. 

Miss Katlyn (Assistant Teacher)

I work in the Young Preschool Classroom. I recently started working with ITAVA in July 2021. I am currently expecting my first child come March 2022. I have always loved working with children. One of my favorite accomplishments is to help bring the students awesome creativity to life. I love watching what the kids come up with all on their own. That is so rewarding for me! I am currently going to school for my degree in Education and I'm also in the process of starting my CDA. Ever since I was 14 years old, my dream has always been to have my own classroom. This is still a goal that I hope to accomplish one day! Im my free time, I love doing puzzles, arts and crafts, and anything involving animals. I look forward to working with your children and being able to watch them grow! 

Ms. Doris (Assistant Teacher)

Miss Shelby (Assistant Teacher)