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Exploring and Growing Together (Ages 1 to 2.5 years)

Embark on a Journey of Exploration and Growth

Welcome to the Toddler Program at ITAVA, where we embrace the curiosity and energy of toddlers Our program is designed to foster the developmental milestones that toddlers experience, offering a rich blend of nurturing care, exploration, and foundational learning in a vibrant and stimulating environment. 

A Day of Dynamic Learning and Play

Our program is built around the understanding that toddlers learn best through play and exploration. Each day is structured with a balance of activities that promote physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. 

  • Interactive Play

  • Creative Arts

  • Language Development 

  • Nature and Exploration

  • Social-Emotional Growth Skills 

  • Problem-Solving and Decision Making 

Our toddler rooms are designed to be safe, engaging spaces where toddlers can explore freely under the careful supervision of our experienced staff. We maintain a low child-to-caregiver ration to ensure that each toddler receives personalized attention and care. 

Our program emphasizes the development of independence and self-confidence. Through routine and structured activities, toddlers begin to learn self-help skills, such as feeding themselves, putting away toys, and following simple instructions. These activities are designed to encourage independence while ensuring toddlers feel supported and successful. 

Our toddler staff are dedicated to providing a warm, engaging, and educational environment for toddlers to explore and grow. We offer a foundation for lifelong learning, where every day is an opportunity for fun, discovery, and development. Join us as we support your toddler in taking their first steps towards independence and a bright future! 

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