"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Our infant program is designed to partner with you to maximize your baby's learning potential. Curriculum provides a balance of experience. Our curriculums meet the dynamic changes of your child's important first year. The teachers create an individualized plan which includes daily education, enrichment, and exploration activities. 

Our teachers know that every baby is a special and unique individual. We begin by getting to know your child's routines. How often do they eat? What time do they like to nap? This information is used to customize each baby's day. All of these activities are part of our daily infant program, and are potential learning moments, as our loving caregivers interact by talking, singing, and playing. 


From first words to first steps, Toddlers are busy exploring, learning, and discovering the world around them. Our curriculum provides the perfect complement of learning opportunities to engage their attention and encourage their natural curiosity. We believe in a balanced day for your child. We create the perfect mix between quiet and active times, large and small group learning, child-initiated activities, and teacher-facilitated activities to create a day full of learning and fun! Our unique learning environment is designed to support Toddler development and promote independence. 

2-Year Olds


Two year olds are full of energy as they are making friends and learning new things everyday. We provide a curriculum that suits each personality and supports their emerging skills. Our curriculum for two year olds is developmentally appropriate and provides engaging ways for children to begin exploring questions about their world. Through focused small group learning, Twos have the ability to interact, problem solve, and discover new experiences. 

Our  Twos have an enriched learning environment that facilitates active learning guided by their teacher. Our Twos classroom has a variety of learning centers that allow children to plan their play. Blocks and building, imaginary play, math and science, language, music, art and sensory centers provide a rich classroom. With a perfect mix of quiet and active engagements, large and small group opportunities, we create a day full of fun and learning. ​

3-Year Olds

Children's questions provide a foundation for learning and are the basis of our Learning Journey. We think of children as inquisitive young scientists, naturally curious about their world. We believe in opening up new worlds of learning to children by exploring new topics with them and asking thoughtful questions that inspire them to wonder about their world. Each month brings a fresh inquiry topic for the Preschoolers to explore.

Our classroom for Preschoolers are equipped with unique learning centers that encourage interaction, independence, and problem solving. Children are in charge of making plans and choices about where they will play and what they want to explore. Each day, children have the opportunity to experience small groups that integrate elements of literacy, math, science, social studies, and creative art domains. 


We think of young children as inquisitive and naturally curious about their world. Children's questions provide a foundation for learning and are the basis of our Learning Journey. Our Pre-K Curriculum, we believe in providing children with the concrete experiences through field studies, which prompt the to ask thoughtful questions and lead to real investigations. This 
cycle of inquiry taps into children's intellect and promotes engaged learning. 

Our parents can be assured that their child will graduate ready for Kindergarten and beyond. Our teachers understand that a child's readiness is more than simple shapes, numbers, colors, and letters. We educate the "whole child" and focus on emotional and cognitive development. We believe that children's ability to negotiate, express themselves, wait their turn, and get along with friends are essential components to their success. Our children become thinkers, authors, decision makers and future leaders. 

Before/After School Program & Summer Camp


Fun and interactive activities keep schoolers engaged and excited! We partner with families to help with homework routines and individualize educational support. Our focus on teamwork and team building fosters lasting friendships between schoolers. Experienced teachers provide consistent mentorship and a balanced schedule for school age children. Our bus transports to local elementary schools, or acts as a bus stop for your convenience. 

We design our School Age Program around the interests of the kids. We want the children to be active, engaged, and social with their friends. Activities are planned in various stations for the children to choose cool experiences that captivate their imaginations. Does your schooler like to make jewelry, write stories, take photos, or investigate bugs? They can recruit other schoolers and establish their own interest club, plan meetings, and brainstorm resources they will need. ​

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