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"Stepping Stones"

Our infant program is designed to partner with you to maximize your baby's learning potential. Curriculum provides a balance of experience. Our curriculum meets the dynamic changes of your child's important first year. The teachers create an individualized plan which includes: daily education, enrichment, and exploration activities. 

Our teachers know that every baby is a special and unique individual. We begin by getting to know your child's routines. How often do they eat? What time do they like to nap? This information is used to customize each baby's day. All of these activities are part of our daily infant program. They are potential learning moments, as our loving caregivers interact by talking, singing, and playing.  

Our Staff

Mrs. Paige 

I'm one of the newest Infant teachers here at ITAVA. I've been working in child care for several years. My journey in this field landed me a Nanny position with many families and from there I worked at Christus Victor Childcare Program as an Infant Teacher. I've been married to my husband Matt for 3 years now. I have two beautiful children, Kierra (6) and Bryson (2). A fun fact to know about me is that I'm dark color blind and I'm a bonus mom to my daughter. We came into each other's lives when she was one. On weekends we go to the barn and ride horses. I'm so happy that my kids love animals as much as I do. My daughter started lessons last summer and my son is about to start lessons this summer. In the summer months we love to go up north and ride our quads, go kayaking and go fishing! I love coming to work and seeing all the smiling faces of the adorable children I care for. It's fun to watch them learn and grown and accomplish milestones each and every day. 

Ms. Tiffany 

I'm an Assistant Teacher in the infant room. I have been working in childcare since 2018 and it is the best career move I've ever made! I graduated from Schoolcraft College with a degree in Liberal Arts. I'm furthering my education to receive my CDA. Outside of work I enjoy traveling and spending time with friends and family, and being with my dog Jax. I'm really looking forward to teaching your little ones and watching them grow!

Ms. Janice 

I joined the ITAVA staff in October of 2021. I'm an assistant in the Infant room. I have lived in Garden City for almost 10 years and now with my husband. We have lived in the Warrendale area now for 40 years. I was raised in the U.P. of Michigan (Yooper country) and Palso. I also lived in Green Bay Wisconsin for 6 years. I did a lot of babysitting during my young days up north. I worked for Ford's driving shuttles until I retired, about 12 years now. But I love to just keep on going. When I'm not working with kids I'm doing hair as a hairstylist! I'm a proud mother of one son and a grandmother to a wonderful grandson. One of our big household hobbies is Hot Rods and car shows. My husband and I have done car shows for 50 years! I truly enjoy working with all of our babies here. I have learned so many things by caring for them. I always say you're never too old to learn! 

Mrs. Kelly

Ms. Alexys

Ms. Janine

Ms. Joan


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