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Cherishing Every Moment from 6 weeks to 1 year

Welcome to the Beginning of a Beautiful Journey

We understand that the first year of a child's life is a time of remarkable growth and discovery. Our Infant program is designed to provide a warm, safe, and stimulating environment where your little ones can thrive, explore, and receive the individual care they need during these formative months. 

A Day Full of Discovery

Our program caters to the unique needs of each infant, recognizing the importance of personalized care. With a low caregiver-to-infant ratio, we ensure that your child receives the attention, affection, and engagement they deserve. Our dedicated caregivers are experts in infant development and are passionate about creating strong, nurturing bonds with each child. 

Each day in our Infant Program is filled with activities that promote cognitive, emotional, and physical development: 

  • Sensory Exploration 

  • Motor Skills Development 

  • Language and Communication

  • Visual and Cognitive Stimulation

  • Emotional Bonding and Socialization 

  • Physical Activity 

Our infant rooms are designed to be soothing and secure, with plenty of natural light, soft colors, and age-appropriate toys and materials. Safety and cleanliness are our top priorities, and we adhere to strict health and hygiene protocols to ensure a healthy setting for all. 

We believe in building strong partnerships with families. Our daily reports on Brightwheel keep you informed about your child's activities, development milestones, and all the precious moments of growth. We welcome and encourage parental involvement to ensure a seamless connection between home and school. 

Our infant teachers our committed to nurturing your child's potential from the very start. Our program is more than just care; it's the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning and discovery. Join us as we cherish every moment, celebrate every milestone, and lay the foundation for a love of learning that lasts a lifetime! 

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