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Tuition-Based Program
(5 year olds)

A Foundation for Lifelong Learning 

The Kindergarten Tuition-Based Program at ITAVA, offers a premium educational experience for children ready to embark on their formal learning journey. Our program is designed for families who seek an intimate, enriched learning environment that goes beyond the standard curriculum, offering personalized attention and a broader range of learning experiences. 

Curriculum That Inspires Excellence 

Our comprehensive kindergarten curriculum is crafted to foster academic excellence, creativity, and social-emotional growth. We emphasize:  

  • Advanced Literacy 

  • Mathematical Thinking 

  • Science Exploration

  • Global Awareness

  • Creative Arts 

  • Physical Education

Our kindergarten classrooms are designed to be stimulating, safe, and nurturing spaces that encourage exploration and discovery. Equipped with the latest educational resources and technology, we create an environment where learning is exciting and engaging

Our goal is to not only meet but exceed kindergarten readiness standards, providing a solid foundation in essential academic skills while also focusing on critical thinking, social skills, and independence. Graduates of our program leave with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in elementary school and beyond. 

The Tuition-Based Kindergarten Program is a great choice for an exceptional start to your child's education. Our commitment to quality, personalized education, and a nurturing environment makes us the ideal choice for your child's important first years of formal schooling. Join us as we lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning, discovery, and success! 

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